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FOGTEC pump systems operate at a pressure of 120 bar. The high pressure is utilized in two ways, to split the water into fine droplets and to create momentum for the droplets created. If a lower pressure is used, either the droplets generated would be bigger or the momentum of the droplets would not be sufficient.

The pump units are comprised of individual pump modules. Since FOGTEC uses pump modules with flow rates between 25 and 800 l/min, the total performance of a system can be optimally adapted to site requirements.

The use of large numbers of small pumps is avoided to minimize possible sources of failure. To reduce the number of moving parts to a minimum, there is one drive motor directly connected to each pump. No gearboxes are used.

Both electric and diesel motors are offered.

In a FOGTEC pump systems, filters of different mesh sizes are used at different points so that a particularly high degree of reliability can be assured.

Section valves are available for dry and wet pipe networks, for dry pressurised and for pre-action areas. All valves can be supplied with testing devices.

For systems not activated via glass bulb, almost all fire detection systems can be used. FOGTEC control panels have state of the art PLC control equipment and can easily be connected to fire alarm systems. If required, operator guidance can be provided via touch screen. Remote-controlled maintenance via modem is optionally available.

The entire piping systems are made of stainless steel as required by international standards for water mist fire fighting equipment. Pipe diameters range from 10 to 40 mm. Layout and installations are carried out to conform to international standards.

  • FOGTEC Pump Systems

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FOGTEC offers optimal service at all levels. FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar.

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