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FOGTEC wall cabinets represent a new concept in fire fighting, enabling fires to be fought immediately upon detection – without loosing any time due to equipment re-location or equipment ‘make up’. The water mist produced has a much higher cooling effect in comparison to conventional low – pressure wall cabinets. There is no limitation in extinguishing time, which contrasts with portable fire extinguishers and fire trolleys. The continuous application of water makes fire fighting with mist more effective and safer than traditional methods.

Special high pressure wall cabinets with hose lengths up to 60m are installed in the risk vicinity. FOGTEC Wall Cabinets are equipped with a FOGGUN . The FOGGUN represents many years of development and is at the heart of FOGTEC technology. It is available as a 2 jet format FOGGUN. The FOGGUN has special mist jets, which create an especially fine mist. The mist created is so effective that even fluid or dust fires can be put out without wasteful spraying. The fine mist jets can be used in conjunction with a centrally located jet that creates coarse mist. The central jet is used to achieve greater reach or to enable use of mist on deep seated fires. Lateral jets protect the fire fighter from radiated heat. The operator can select the optimum mist pattern using an integral letter and thus adapt the extinguishing tactics to the behaviour of the fire.

Individual wall cabinets are connected to a centralised pump unit via high – pressure pipework. The pump unit is supplied with water from the water main or from an integrated tank. High pressure wall cabinets can be retrofitted to existing FOGTEC systems, where a high pressure pump unit has been already installed.

The FOGTEC high pressure hose reel cabinets are made of:
• Cupboard according to DIN standard 14461-1 with 3 doors
• Wall mounted
• Housing out of steel tin edged and welded
• Separate shelf with door for hand fire-extinguisher
• Corrosion resistant painting ( red / RAL 3000 )
• Fastener with lower turn-handle
• Fire extinguishing gun FOGGUN 2
• High pressure hoses ( DN 12 ) with connections out of stainless steel
• Connection to the high pressure pipe system by cone and nut according to DIN standard 3859 ( pipe outside diameter DN 15 )

The FOGGUN 2 contains the following components:
• Gun handle with trigger assembly
• 2/2 – way high pressure ball valve with lever to select the two different types of jet
• Central pipe with pressure pipes
• Nozzle head with 12 very fine fog nozzles and 1 central nozzle

The maximum water throughput of the FOGGUN 2 is 20 l/min at operating pressure of 120 bar.

  • FOGTEC Wall Cabinets

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FOGTEC offers optimal service at all levels. FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar.

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