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FOGTEC Water Mist Systems

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FOGTEC water mist systems.

FOGTEC is an extinguishing system using pure water, effectively fights burning liquids or solids and requires very low volumes of water. FOGTEC is particularly suitable for rapidly attacking fires in their early stages so that:

– effective fire-fighting is ensured
– damage from extinguishing agents is minimised
– more flexible fire-fighting is facilitated by the compact design
– environmental damage is minimised

Furthermore FOGTEC water mist can also be effectively used to precipitate flue gas particles and rinse various gases.

FOGTEC can, of course, also be used as a high pressure cleaning system, to clean up certain kinds of damage for instance.

There are many other possible applications, such as precipitating dust, cooling or creating water mist barriers that in the course of using FOGTEC will prove to be useful auxiliary applications.

FOGTEC Water Mist Systems are based on 100 bar high-pressure water technology and use high pressure to optimise the extinguishing properties of water. The basis is the very fine atomisation of water to produce the greatest possible surface area which:

1. Takes up the combustion energy of the fire very rapidly, the cooling effect thus depriving the fire of the energy required for the reaction to continue.

2. By the very rapid transition from the liquid to gaseous phases and the expansion of volume connected with that, reduces the oxygen content at the source of the fire to a level at which the combustion reaction is no longer possible.

A big advantage is the high speed water jet as it leaves the nozzle. This highs peed jet transports the very fine gas-like water fog into the fire and penetrates deep into the material on fire and thus suffocates even deep seated pockets that might still be glowing. A very high proportion of the water is used to effectively extinguish and does not flow away unused.

A further use of pressure energy is for creating foam with the unscrewable FOGTEC foam pipe for a big range. The foam pipe can be used for liquid fires with AFFF or e.g. wooden fires with Class-A foam.

The result is an extinguishing system which is extremely effective while using very low volumes of water

  • FOGTEC Water Mist Systems

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FOGTEC offers optimal service at all levels. FOGTEC systems use pure water, converting it to fine water mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar.

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