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Genius H – the intuitive smoke detector

Genius H cost efficiency combined with revolutionary smoke detector technology guarantees unparalleled security and convenience, putting it in a class of its own. Now, for the first time, a smoke detector can be used throughout the entire living area – from the cellar to the attic.

The Genius H is immediately ready for operation when it is screwed into the base. As soon as the detector engages, an automatic self-test is carried out that checks the horn, electronics, battery capacity and level of soiling to ensure full functionality. The Genius H can be installed with a minimum of effort. According to DIN 14676, the detector may be mounted on the ceiling only. Securiton recommends one-hole or two-hole mounting; the drill holes on the base are compatible with all previous models. Optionally, mounting with an adhesive is also possible.

100% reliable
False alarms are a thing of the past – Genius H adapts itself intuitively to the conditions of the environmental in which it is used. Genius H’s Real Alarm Guarantee makes it the first smoke detector to assure you of comprehensive security even when ambient conditions vary or operation errors occur.
Thanks to the interaction between state-of-the-art smoke detector technology and microcontroller plus optimal device design, the Genius H rises above the competition as the most reliable stand-alone smoke detector in its product field.

Genius Hx – 4th generation radio smoke detector

The intelligence of radio smoke detectors is entering a new dimension of safety and security with the Basic and Pro radio modules (collective alarm) for Genius Hx. Genius Hx is the first and only one to do so!

A convincing solution

  • Radio transmission on the interferencefree frequency of 868 MHz.
  • No radio smog: radio signals are only transmitted in a real event. No radio radiation otherwise.
  • Alarm forwarding in only 3 seconds!

To bridge greater distances and reliably transmit the radio signal each Genius Hx radio smoke detector is equipped with a repeater. It acts as a signal amplifier by picking up the radio signal and forwarding it to the nearest detector. And even if a radio signal fails, the repeater automatically searches for the fastest possible route to the next detector.


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