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Innohome Stove Guard


Prevent cooker fires with Innohome’s Stove Guard

The Innohome Stove Guard is the perfect fire safety device for every home. It protects the area most at risk of catching fire –the kitchen – without ever interfering with normal cooking. It also promotes independent living when cooker use becomes high risk due to a person’s advanced age, memory disorders, disability, or learning diculties.

Five outstanding safety features – cooker turns off in a hazardous situation.

The Innohome Stove Guard identifies a dangerously high temperature or steep temperature rise, and recognizes the alarm signals of fire, gas and carbon monoxide alarms. It identifies if the hob has been accidentally left on and cuts off the electricity in 0,5 – 3 hours, depending on the power setting. The Automatic Safety Lock ‘locks’ the cooker so that it cannot be turned on accidentally.

• Easy to use
With its Self-Adjusting Technology, the Innohome Stove Guard SGK300 is simple to install and easy to use.

• Trustworthy
The Innohome Stove Guard adjusts its sensitivity based on the users’ cooking styles, allowing for improved alarm sensitivity and no interruptions to normal cooking. Automatic fault diagnosis constantly analyses the Stove Guard and, should the Intelligent Heat Sensor be removed by accident, the Stove Guard will prevent the cooker from being used.

• Adaptable
The Stove Guard can be used with additional devices and adapted to suit the needs of special user groups, such as those with dementia or hearing and sight diculties. It can be linked to social alarm systems, such as Telecare.

• Very low energy use and long working life
The Intelligent Heat Sensor has a battery life of five years and the battery can be changed easily. The Safety System has an extremely low energy usage – approximately 1W energy consumption. The Sensor can optionally be powered by the Control Unit.

• Proven technology
Research (eg. VTT and SINTEF) shows that the Stove Guard effectively alerts the user about a cooker hazard before the formation of harmful gases and before a fire can be ignited.

• Simple to install
The Intelligent Heat Sensor is attached underneath the cooker hood using magnets, without the need for tools, cables, external power source, mess or fuss. The Control Unit can be connected to the cooker by a qualified electrician in around 15 minutes.

Our Stove Guard has an Intelligent Heat Sensor that is attached beneath the cooker hood, as well as a Control Unit that is connected to the cooker. The Stove Guard prevents cooker fires effectively, without interfering with cooking.

The Intelligent Heat Sensor observes cooker top temperature and rate of temperature change. If it detects unusual activity, it triggers the Control Unit which, in turn, cuts off the gas or electricity supply, preventing a fire hazard. Compatible with all cooker types, the Stove Guard’s impressive safety features offer all-encompassing protection.

Five outstanding safety features

  • Intelligent, self-learning Maximum Temperature Alarm – identifies dangerously high temperatures.
  • Intelligent, self-learning Temperature Rate of Increase Alarm. Monitors temperature changes on top of the cooker – a steeply rising temperature is an indication of a developing fire hazard.
  • Alarm Signal Detection – recognizes nearby fire, gas and carbon monoxide alarm signals.
  • Intelligent Timer senses if the hob has been left on accidentally, and cuts off the electricity supply in 0.5 – 3 hours, depending on the power setting.
  • Safety Lock ensures the cooker cannot be turned on by a child or a pet by ‘locking’ the cooker (the cooker can be activated again with the simple push of a button).

All encompassing cooker fire protection

  • Automatic fault diagnosis – tests the functioning of the system every time the cooker is in use.
  • Pre-Alarm signal one minute before Stove Guard turns the cooker off – resetting prevents cooker shut-down.
  • Adjusts its sensitivity based on your cooking styles.
  • Identifies overheating early in the development of a hazardous situation.
  • Extremely low energy usage.
  • Easily connected to the cooker by a qualified electrician.

lnnohome Stove Guard prevents cooker fires effectively, without interfering with cooking. It is a fire safety device for all homes, protecting the area most at risk of catching fire –the kitchen.

  • Innohome Stove Guard
  • Innohome Stove Guard

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Innohome is a Finnish based manufacturer of innovative fire prevention products. Innohome cooker safety devices identify hazardous situations and act before the formation of toxic gases and the ignition of the fire.

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