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KITCHENShield – State-of-the-art fire protection for industrial kitchens

The KITCHENShield is an automatic, pre-engineered WCK kitchen fire suppression system that protects the entire kitchen area – including ducts and plenums – as well as all cooking appliances, whether electric or gas-operated. KITCHENShield is suitable for both small and large industrial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other public institutions.

The KITCHENShield is comprised of the following components:

(1) Nozzles are arranged to provide maximum coverage for the extinguishing agents.

(2) Heat detectors are installed within the plenum and connected to each other and to the extinguishing system by a continuous cable under tension. Each detector has a fusible link that will separate at a predetermined detected temperature, relieving tension on the cable and activating the extinguishing system.

(3) Specially formulated extinguishing agents are stored under pressure. During a fire they are automatically discharged and distributed over all protected areas. KITCHENShield also interrupts the supply of gas or electricity.

(4) Manual pull station

The key benefits of KITCHENShield are:

Fast detection: Quickly detects fires to minimize damage and injuries

Stainless-steel friendly: The extinguishing liquid has a low acid level (pH<9) and thus protects stainless steel surfaces

Dual action: Simultaneously extinguishes the fire and interrupts the energy supply

Environmentally friendly: Water-based extinguishing agent that is not harmful to the environment

Customized solution: The system’s modular design facilitates easy on-site adaptation to meet each kitchen’s unique and diverse requirements.

Proprietary technology:

Fast, flexible installation: The flexibly mounted discharge piping, manual pull station and gas valve makes it easy to accommodate a wide range of kitchen configurations and requirements

Mechanical system: Does not require N2 or CO2 cylinder to operate the dry chemical agent

Multiple cylinders: Largest amount of cylinders (up to 6 units) and longest distance between them than any other system in the market.

Quality you can trust

The KITCHENShield is certified according to the following standards:

UL-300 Listed: Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas

CE 0029 Mark

ANSI NFPA Standard 17A: Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

ANSI NFPA Standard 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

For detailed KITCHENShield specifications, click here.

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