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Lux Intelligent – Emergency Light Testing so Simple you can do it from your Phone

Global fire systems business Advanced has launched Lux Intelligent, a new emergency lighting testing system with cloud monitoring and mobile management. It offers time and cost savings, a host of unique technical features and proves compliance with BS5266-1.

Lux Intelligent is an addressable, automatic test system that shows all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning, with no engineer intervention required, saving money and time. It can be easily networked and retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

A unique feature of Lux Intelligent is cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps. Test data is stored securely in the cloud and the system delivers, from a smartphone or via a web browser, live details on status, faults, test failures and advisories.  This allows users to monitor all of their sites, anywhere in the world, right down to individual devices. Users can share the site or panel information with engineers and maintenance staff and e-mail maintenance and test reports with one click.

Lighting Test Panel

The Advanced Lux Intelligent addressable Emergency Lighting Control System is designed to provide a simple yet powerful, reliable and cost effective maintenance solution for testing your emergency lights and maintaining results data for inspection and audit purposes. It supports both maintained, non-maintained and slave luminaires in either self contained, central battery or staic inverter systems. It supports all of the Advanced Lux Intelligent range of fittings.

On top of this, Lux Intelligent addressable modules can be added to almost any lumianires to allow them to fully function on the Lux Intelligent system.

The PLU Module

The intelligent addressable module monitors and controls the operational status of the luminaire light and reports the condition back to the testing panel. The module provides control and monitoring of the luminaire power supply, battery condition and lamp status. The module may be used for both maintained and non-maintained luminaires.

Light and Luminaire

Lux Intelligent can be supplied with a complete range of lights and will work with most existing lights. A wide range of third party lights can be converted to work with Lux Intelligent.

The Emergency Lighting Network

The Emergency Lighting Network connects the Lighting Panel to the PLUs in the Lights around your facility using your existing LAN or a dedicated network. It is common for customers with large buildings, or buildings with multiple floors to make use of a multi panel network, where each panel will be used to monitor the emergency lighting in a section or floor of the building.

24/7 Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring gives you access to all your emergency lighting status and test history direct to your mobile device or web browser, anywhere in the world saving time, money and man-hours. Cloud Monitoring is easy to setup, and can be used with a number of networking methods such as your existing LAN network infrastructure or a dedicated network.

The LAN Device

The UP-017 serial to ethernet converter permits remote interaction and monitoring of the Lux Intelligent emergency lighting test panel.  It is an economical and easy way to monitor panels from anywhere across the installation, using its local area network.  It means there is no need to network panels across an installation, just simply tag each one on to the sites internal network.

By simply connecting to a local network hub, it does away with the need to network groups of panels, and allows any number of computers on the network to download test data. In turn, this facilitates access to the full Lux Intelligent Cloud and the associated mobile and desktop apps.

Please visit the Lux Intelligent website for more information.

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