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MCD 573X Series

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Multi-criteria smoke and heat detectors MCD 573X Series

MCD 573X multi-criteria smoke and heat detector

The temperature-aided smoke sensor of the MCD 573X (Multi Criteria Detector) provides early detection of smouldering, glowing and open fires with smoke development. With Cubus levelling the detector adapts to the ambient temperatures prevailing in the room – it automatically regulates its own smoke sensitivity.
The temperature sensor also detects fires with no smoke development when fires break out rapidly with high temperatures. The smoke detection system provides two programmable pre-signal levels. Optimum operability is guaranteed through self-monitoring, two-stage soiling indication and automatic alarm threshold tracking.

MCD 573X-S and -SP multi-criteria smoke and heat detectors with integrated sounder and voice evacuation

The multi-criteria smoke and heat detector from the MCD 573X-S series is the newest innovation in the successful SecuriStar fire detector series from Securiton. Its predecessors passed on the smoke and heat detection signals to a fire alarm system, which then triggered conventional sirens based on pre-defined criteria. All of the new detectors are now equipped with an audible alarm function that permits four different warning sounds.

The MCD 573X-S unites the detection and alarm functions in one device. This guarantees that all persons present in the danger area are alerted and ensures even faster evacuation. The MCD 573X-SP also outputs spoken information in addition to warning sounds. Available in four languages, three default announcements alert people to a fire and instruct them how to leave the building. “This is a fire alarm! Please leave the building immediately using the nearest emergency exit. The fire brigade has been alerted!” Or: “Attention! This is an emergency. Please evacuate the building immediately via the closest escape route!” With these announcements crucial seconds can be gained and lives saved in the event of an emergency.


  • MCD 573X Series
  • MCD 573X Series

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