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MINEShield – The ultimate fire protection solutions for the harsh conditions of mining applications

When you combine 24/7 heavy-duty non-stop working with heat, flammable liquids, turbo chargers, exhaust fumes and electrical components, the risk of fire in mines is exceptionally high. Conveyor belts – with their continuous friction, high working temperatures and static electricity buildup – represent a particularly high fire risk, as they might spread furious fire over long distances.

Fires grow rapidly in scope and intensity; hence the elapsed time between the onset of a fire and its detection is critical!

At the heart of Lehavot’s MINEShield solutions is DELTA – our unique pneumatic-electronic linear fire/overheat detector that analyzes the Rate of temperature Rise (RoR) within monitored regions via stainless steel tubing, providing real-time alerts to fire or overheating and, where appropriate, automatically triggering the suppression system.

The DELTA is the world’s most reliable fire/overheat detection device. It responds with high accuracy and sensitivity to temperature rises that exceed a predetermined rate, irrespective of the starting temperature. The DELTA can be calibrated according to each monitored zone’s environmental conditions.

MINEShield features and benefits:

Fast Detection – Rapidly detects fires, minimizing damage and injuries.

Extremely Reliable – Low rate of false alarms.

Distant Sensing – Identifies fires or overheating occurring at a considerable distance from the sensor tubing. It does not require line-of-sight to the fire.

Audio and Visual Indications – Combines integrated detection and control capabilities.

Performance Monitoring – Advanced Built-in Test (BIT) module that indicates failure in the event of reduced performance over the detection tubing.

Robust Structure and Durability – Non-pressurized system better tolerates grime, dirt, and extreme environmental conditions.

Low Cost of Ownership – Relatively low cost, low maintenance, and low power consumption.

Easy Installation – The stainless steel tubing can be routed to monitor large areas or confined spaces.

Cost-Effective – A single unit replaces multiple ordinary detector units and a separate control unit.

Quality you can trust

The DELTA and the other MINEShield components comply with the following civilian and military standards:

IS0 9001:2008 – Quality assurance certification

FM 3210


MIL-STD 810 – For environmental conditions

MIL-STD 461 – For electromagnetic compatibility

MIL-STD 1275 – For Characteristics of 28V DC electrical systems in military vehicles

For detailed MINEShield specifications, click here.

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