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Like all monitors from SA Fire Protection, the Niagara Fire Monitor is specifically designed for high risk industrial fire protection. The monitors come in four fire-fighting equipment sizes 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” all of which are configurable with different controls.

The Niagara Fire Monitor manually operated versions can be operated with a hand lever, hand lever and hand wheeled, hand wheeled, manual self-oscillating or chain operated whereas the remote controlled versions can be electrically, hydraulically or electro-hydraulically operated.

The manually operated monitors can be equipped with accessories such as hydrant supports, nozzles or self-inducing branch pipes.

The remote controlled versions are all suitable for hazardous areas according to ATEX Zone I and can be provided with Ex controls such as Power Modules, Fixed control panel and Wireless console.

Main Technical Characteristics:
Body Materials:

  • Bronze EN 1982 – CC491K
  • Marine Bronze EN 1982 – CC492K
  • Nickel Aluminium Bronze EN 1982 – CC333G
  • Aluminium Alloy G-AISi9

Bronze joints, installed on Stainless Steel AISI 316 balls, with greasers
Base Connection : Flanged ANSI, UNI casted CC333G or Aluminium Alloy G-AISi9
Vertical Plane Elevation : -65°-+85°
Horizontal Plane Rotation : 360° Continuous (All manually operated and electro-hydraulic)
Horizontal Plane Rotation : 360° Stop to Stop (Electrically operated and electro-hydraulic)
Max Flow Rates : 3” up to 4.000 lpm; 4” up to 8.500 lpm ; 6” up to 20.000 lpm ; 8” up to 30.000 lpm ;

The materials of construction make them suitable for being used with sea water or water foam solution within industrial harsh environments & offshore applications.


  1. Nozzle Water-Foam
  2. Self-inducing Nozzle
  3. Water Branchpipe
  4. Foam Branchpipe
  5. Self-inducing foam branchpipe
  6. Automatic Drain Valve
  • Niagara Fire Monitor
  • Niagara Monitor Accessories

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