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Permalevel Multiplex


Permalevel Multiplex is the first system worldwide that is capable of monitoring the liquid level of critical fire suppression cylinder systems on a constant basis. It gives a facility total visibility on the real-time status of all their critical fire systems.

Ideal for retrofit or new systems, the Permalevel Multiplex can protect a facility against any accidental discharge or slow seepage of agent from Cylinders, to ensure any issue is detected as soon as it occurs.

Cylinders can accidentally discharge and leak in between annual service checks reducing their ability to protect high asset value, special hazard environments like data centres, server rooms, military assets, banks, museums, power stations. It effectively acts like an automatic on-site Fire Safety Team!

Modern fire suppression systems have transformed industry safety across all sectors. However, the development of their servicing and monitoring equipment has remained stagnant, with many very advanced systems relying totally on annual inspections , or on unreliable mechanical pressure gauges. These methods leave the status of fire suppression systems completely vulnerable between annual checks.

Coltraco are raising awareness that annual certification checks on a fire system cannot cater for the need to monitor its contents for the rest of the year.

The Permalevel MultiplexTM is designed to ensure that fire suppression systems are always fully operational and that no accidental discharge has occurred, which could affect the effectiveness of the overall fire protection system in the event that it is required for use.

  • Monitor the contents of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems 24/7/365
  • A key point of PML is that it is mains powered but with an internal 10 hour Uninterrupted Power Supply to continue operating during power outages.
  • Able to measure 1 to 700 cylinder level points, e.g. high rise tower blocks
  • Including FM-200™, Novec™ 1230, CO2, Halon 1303, FE-13™, FE-25™, NAF S 125™, NAF S 227™, NAF-S-III™, CEA-410 & others
  • Safety First – have peace of mind that no accidental discharge or leakage goes unnoticed
  • Compatible with any existing alarm system & central control station in order to relay current status & alert a change in level
  • Ideal for high asset value & special hazard environments
  • Able to interface with Telit systems + Relay Alarm + RS232 + RS485 Computer Interface + Datalogger + Local & Remote Displays
  • For customers who see the added safety value of 24/7 monitoring
  • Permalevel Multiplex
  • Permalevel Multiplex

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Coltraco Ltd is an ISO 9001 manufacturer who designs and manufactures a specialized range of ultrasonic monitoring and preventative maintenance instrumentation used in the marine, fire protection, offshore petrochemical and Defence among others.

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