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Permalevel Single Point


Permalevel Single Point was originally developed for the UK Atomic Energy Sector and has now been in service for over 12 years as fixed 24/7 fire suppressant monitoring system.

It is designed for up to 5 individual fire suppression cylinder monitoring applications.

The Permalevel Single Point has different alarm capabilities to the PermalevelTM Multiplex and benefits from being a simpler system that operates on lesser cylinders.

Permalevel Single Point provides truly continuous and non-invasive monitoring using ultrasonic technology.

Immediate notifications are sounded in a variety of formats when there is a drop in the level of liquid suppression agent in the cylinder. The system is a simple and effective way to ensure the level within a container is continuously and constantly verified in real time therefore guaranteeing safety in case of fire.

The Permalevel Single Point achieves this monitoring through a fixed sensor, attched to the side of the cylinder which sends signals back to a Local Control Panel module.

The Permalevel Single Point module has the core controls, alarms and communication capabilities, which can relay signals to any Central Control Station through RS232, RS485 or mobile communication methods.

Ideal for retrofit or new systems, the Permalevel Single Point can protect a facility against any accidental discharge or slow seepage of agent from Cylinders, to ensure any issue is detected as soon as it occurs.

The fixed level monitoring solution for smaller system sizes.

  • Mains Powered ideal for 24/7 monitoring for 1 – 5 cylinders with one unit required per cylinder for optimum protecƟon.
  • Single point is incredibly easy to install and integrate with existing systems and perfect for Data Centres, Server Rooms, Museums.
  • With local LED Status display, capable of connecting to a wide range of alarms it significantly enhances existing monitoring.
  • Any reduction of agent will activate the 4-20mA relay, to alert to the facility, allowing instant action to be taken.
  • Protects against slow seepage or accidental discharge of any agent to ensure critical assets stay protected.
  • Permalevel Single Point

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