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Portalevel Standard


The Portalevel Standard is the ultimate portable CO2 – Halon – FM200 ® liquid level indicator.

As a professional fire engineer you will be conversant with the problems of servicing high pressure gaseous fire extinguisher systems.

Using Portalevel Standard brings immediate cost and safety benefits over traditional methods for verifying the contents of fire extinguisher systems, such as weighing and radioactive measurement.

* For  CO2, FM200, Novec, NAF S III, Halon and almost all liquid gaseous extinguishants
* Identifies liquid levels in metal cylinders, pipework and single skinned holding vessels up to 1″ (25mm) wall thickness
* Accuracy levels +/- 1.5mm
* Dry sensors requiring no gel or water
* Special power boost for poor condition cylinders
* Magnetic sensor for hands free application
* No health and safety at work implications
* No licensing, storage or IATA transportation restrictions

The Marine variant of the Portalevel, the Portamarine, has been awarded RINA Approval.

Intrinsically Safe

The development of an Intrinsically Safe version of the Portalevel® is underway. We would be interested to hear from potential users regarding their specific requirements. If you have a requirement for an IS version, please contact us giving your required specifications.

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  • Portalevel Standard
  • Portalevel Standard
  • Portalevel Standard

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