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Portamonitor Bearing Indicator


The Portamonitor Bearing Indicator is a pocket size condition indicator tool which employs powerful monitoring techniques to analyze the health state of rotating machinery especially with regards to the health and lubrication of bearings.

With its magnetic sensor head the Portamonitor Bearing Indicator can be attached to machineries outer casing and takes readings over a short period to assess the condition of the moving parts within.

An overall noise decibel (dB) level is returned along with a distress level after measurement that can then be quickly analyzed and compared to other readings in order to discover if preventative maintenance is required.

Hardy and robust, the Portamonitor Bearing Indicator can take 1000 readings between charges, which is done through a standard USB lead for easy charging anywhere.

Aid identification of mechanically deteriorated bearings and bearings with inadequate/contaminated lubricant

Enhance preventative maintenance & condition based monitoring by comparing the accurate & repeatable results to past measurements

Stay ahead: plan for future repairs and make quick fixes before bigger faults occur

ACCURATE: extremely sensitive

HOW: detects high frequency ultrasonic stress waves associated with friction and other faults with machinery in poor condition

IDEAL FOR: motors, pumps, fans, generators, and other rotating machinery applications

DISPLAY: two outputs displayed simultaneously: decibel (dB) and a Distress® level

  • Portamonitor Bearing Indicator

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Coltraco Ltd is an ISO 9001 manufacturer who designs and manufactures a specialized range of ultrasonic monitoring and preventative maintenance instrumentation used in the marine, fire protection, offshore petrochemical and Defence among others.

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