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SecuriRAS ASD 535

Securiton AG

Aspirating smoke detector SecuriRAS ASD 535

SecuriRAS ASD 535 – the flagship model for large-scale applications

The SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector monitors large facilities with areas of up to 5,760 square metres. It is available with one or two sensors. Up to 400 metres of sampling pipe with a maximum of 120 sampling points in total can be connected to each sensor. With over 400 Pa of aspirating underpressure, the ASD 535 has one of the most powerful fans on the market. It is perfect for use in harsh environments, such as deep-freeze areas, explosion hazard areas or rooms with high levels of contamination. Thanks to the new “Config over Line” function, the detectors can be configured and serviced from the fire alarm control panel.

More performance, more precision, more coverage.

The ASD 535’s smoke sensor features new HD (High Dynamic) technology: its dynamic temperature and contamination compensation capability with patented particle suppression provides unsurpassed levels of detection reliability, as does the sensor’s LVSC large volume smoke chamber. Smoke particle sampling sensitivity can be set between 0.002%/m and 10%/m according to the specific circumstances and hazard potential of the area being monitored. Moreover, the ASD 535 benefits from the most powerful fan on the market, which means that larger areas than ever can now be monitored. On commissioning, the auto-learning function automatically adapts the system to the ambient conditions and scales it to the applicable safety standard. Last but not least, the ASD 535’s ability to differentiate between smoke particles and impurities such as dust elevates it to a class of its own.

Quiet, discreet, universally installable.

The ASD 535 works discreetly in the background. The sampling pipes can be adapted to the surroundings or even completely concealed, and aspiration is so quiet that the system is welcome even in concert halls. The ASD 535 is the perfect fire guardian for both room and building monitoring: it sniffs out incipient fires in CNC control systems as dependably as it does in airports, cinemas and research centres.

Aspirating smoke detectors from Securiton are among the most precise and most reliable early warning systems against fires. Securiton offers a complete range of models that makes the lightning-fast detection of fires both scalable and cost-effective for any monitoring area.

  • SecuriRAS ASD 535
  • SecuriRAS ASD 535
  • SecuriRAS ASD 535

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Securiton AG belongs to the Swiss Securitas Group and has been entirely at the service of technical security since its founding in 1948. It develops and manufactures a large range of different fire detection systems to fulfill broad customers’ needs from commercial buildings, industries, telecommunication, utility stations, tunnels and others.

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