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SecuriSens ADW 535

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Linear heat detector SecuriSens ADW 535

SecuriSens ADW 535: the ultimate in fire protection.

With its linear heat detector, Securiton is optimising fire detection in difficult conditions in two different ways: the detector monitors double the area, and it quickly and reliably differentiates between real dangers and harmless false alarms.

Chemical production facilities, paint shops and road tunnels are not easy places to monitor. Extreme humidity, corrosive gases and high temperatures quickly become a major issue for conventional fire detectors, thus making reliable fire detection an impossibility. The SecuriSens ADW 535 from Securiton comes into its own where other fire detectors fail. Its sampling pipes are made from durable materials such as copper, stainless steel and Teflon. Thanks to the recessed installation option, the cable terminal processor is perfectly protected from both mechanical and chemical influences. The ADW 535 is available as standard and Heavy Duty version (Atex approval).

SecuriSens ADW 535 – increasing pressure is the key to any fire.

The SecuriSens ADW 535 is a linear heat detector. Its fire detection capability makes use of one of the physical properties of air: volume and pressure increase when a fire causes the ambient temperature to rise. By installing air-filled sensing tubes in the space to be monitored, the pressure increase is transmitted to a sensor in the ADW 535. If the pressure exceeds a set threshold, the system triggers an alarm.

Double tube: twice the monitoring area thanks to two sensing tubes.

One of the key advantages of the new ADW 535 is the possibility of connecting two independent sensing tubes. The advantages are clear: the monitored area of a building can be covered more satisfactorily using two tubes, with each tube registering dangers. Interventions can then be performed efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy.

Dynamic Heat Watch: intelligent heat detectors cannot be deceived.

With decades of experience in the field of fire detection for special applications, Securiton constantly sets benchmarks in terms of the intelligence of developed systems. The key here is false-alarm reliability. After all, sudden changes registered by a sensor do not always indicate actual danger: simply opening a door in a warehouse, for instance, can result in a change in temperature. The ADW 535’s intelligent DHW (Dynamic Heat Watch) algorithm instantly differentiates between real dangers and harmless events and triggers an alarm only when people and assets are in actual danger.

IT-based planning and configuration: good planning is half the battle.

The ADW HeatCalc software tool from Securiton allows systems to be planned at a very early stage in accordance with international standards. A floor plan is all that is needed for work to begin. The tube layout is sketched with just a few clicks of the mouse and the program assists where possible by automatically generating a detailed report for the plant documentation and a full parts list for ordering materials. Every article has VdS approval.

Simple systems can be configured directly on the device without using a computer – EasyConfig guides you through the individual steps. The practical ADW Config software tool is used for more complex systems and application-specific adaptations. Extensive analytical features and settings ensure the safe, cost-effective operation of the system. The uniformity of both software tools is another advantage: the device configuration calculated by ADW HeatCalc can be saved as a file in the device via ADW Config.

  • SecuriSens ADW 535 HDx
  • SecuriSens ADW 535
  • SecuriSens ADW 535
  • SecuriSens ADW 535
  • SecuriSens ADW 535

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Securiton AG belongs to the Swiss Securitas Group and has been entirely at the service of technical security since its founding in 1948. It develops and manufactures a large range of different fire detection systems to fulfill broad customers’ needs from commercial buildings, industries, telecommunication, utility stations, tunnels and others.

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