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Stove Guard SGK100


The Stove Guard SGK100 is an all-encompassing fire protection from a simple plug and socket. A Stove Guard for electric cookers/hobs that connect via a plug and a socket.

  • Prevents cooker fires
  • Supports independent living
  • Protects all-round

More and more households across Europe are plugging into the Stove Guard SGK100. This award-winning fire safety solution from Innohome prevents fires before they can start, shutting of the power supply, responding to carbon monoxide as well as smoke and gas alarms, and reacting if the cooker is accidentally left on. All this and more from a simple plug and socket. Now that’s smart safety.

Easy to use

With its Self-Adjusting Technology, the Stove Guard is easy to use. It adjusts its heat parametres to the way the user cooks ensuring no false alarms are triggered and that the Stove Guard works quietly on the background.


Thanks to the highly intelligent, self-adjusting technology, the cooker is turned of before toxic gases can be produced and before a fire can start. Automatic fault diagnosis constantly analyses the Stove Guard and, should the Intelligent Heat Sensor be removed by accident, the Stove Guard will prevent the cooker from being used.


The Stove Guard can be used with additional devices and adapted to suit the needs of special user groups, such as those with dementia or hearing and sight difculties. It can be linked to a Telecare service and operate the extractor fan, automatically. Plus, thanks to the Heat Sensor’s optional colour covers, your kitchen style need not be compromised.

Extremely low energy use and long working life

The Heat Sensor is powered by solar panels and has an average usage life of 15 years (based on the number of alarms). The FireSafety Socket, connected to the cooker, uses extremely small amounts of energy (< 1W).

Proven technology

Research (eg. VTT and SINTEF) shows that Innohome technology effectively alerts the user about a cooker hazard before the formation of harmful gases and before a fire can be ignited.

Simple to install

The Stove Guard SGK100 can be installed by the user in minutes, and it is easy to transfer to a different location.

Innohome Stove Guard SGK100 Features

  • Intelligent, self-learning maximum temperature alarm – identies dangerously high temperatures
  • Intelligent, self-learning temperature rate of increase alarm – a steeply rising temperature is an indication of a developing fire hazard
  • Learns its sensitivity based on users’ cooking styles
  • Alarm Signal Detection – recognises carbon monoxide, smoke and gas alarm signals (sound detection and Innohome compatible radio alarms)
  • Intelligent Timer – senses if the hob has been left on accidentally
  • Intelligent Heat Sensor Dislocation Alarm – prevents cooker use if the Sensor has been removed from its location
  • Automatic Fault Diagnosis – tests the functioning of the system
  • Compatible with electric cookers that connect via a plug and a socket
  • Telecare compatible

Technical Information

  • Alarm signal 80 dB/100 cm / Silent alarm
  • Extremely low energy use (app. 1 W)
  • Alarm output (potential free, NO)
  • Radio 433 Mhz RF / PT2272, PT2262 protocols
  • Factory paired
  • Voltage 230 VAC / 16A resistive load


  • FireSafety Socket 63 x 100 x 76 mm
  • Intelligent Heat Sensor 94 x 40 x 30 mm
  • Halogen free and fire rated plastic, flammability rating V-0 (Intelligent Heat Sensor).
  • Patented Fl 117526, Fl 117878, patent pending.
  • Fulfils the upcoming EU standard EN 50615 requirements.
  • Stove Guard SGK100

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Innohome is a Finnish based manufacturer of innovative fire prevention products. Innohome cooker safety devices identify hazardous situations and act before the formation of toxic gases and the ignition of the fire.

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