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Angus Fire’s Turbex Industrial shows that it is an exceptionally efficient fire fighting technique for large enclosed areas such as ships’ engine rooms, warehouses, packaging plants, ships’ holds, mines, chemical stores and incineration plants.

The efficiency of any high expansion foam system depends upon producing well-formed, high quality foam. It must then be delivered rapidly into the risk area, against a possible back pressure that may result from the confines of the application.

The Angus Fixed Turbex Industrial Systems employ high expansion foam generators with a cocoon shape designed to optimise performance. By combining a sophisticated spray nozzle with a uniquely tiered foam making net, the foam bubble structure produced is uniform, slow draining and of a nominal expansion ratio 500:1(500 parts of air to every one part of foam solution). Air is driven through the generator by a specially developed efficient water driven fan. This forced air technology ensures the foam can be pushed forward overcoming potential back pressures that would stall simpler blower type units.

The FT1-500 P and FT2-500P models must be fed with a premix solution of Expandol foam concentrate and water. Ideally this should be generated using an Angus proportioning device such as a balance pressure proportioner or fixed inductor for maximum accuracy and efficiency. These premix Fixed Turbex Systems are most effective where multiple units are required to protect large areas with centralised foam proportioning.

The FT1-500S is supplied with an inbuilt induction device. A dedicated Expandol foam tank can be placed adjacent to this Fixed Turbex and all that is needed for operation is a suitable water supply. The selfinducing unit is ideally suited for smaller risk areas.

Demystifying LNG by Angus Fire


LNG presents a challenging fire fighting hazard. This video summarises work undertaken at Texas A&M by BP and Angus Fire. It shows extensive fire tests and highlights the key features needed when selecting fire-fighting equipment and techniques.

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