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Armstrong Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps are UL listed and FM approved. A full range of optional accessories as well as complete packages are available to complement the Vertical In-Line fire pumps. Capacities range from 50 to 1500 USgpm, with pressure boosts from 40 to 135 psi.

High Working Pressure
Casing is high grade cast iron suitable for 250 psi maximum working pressure and 400 psi hydrostatic test.

Minimum Axial Thrust
Impeller is bronze enclosed type, hydraulically balanced.

Vibration-Free Operation
Impeller is dynamically balanced according to UL requirements.

Low Cost Maintenance
Replaceable bronze wearing rings.

Corrosion Resistant Protection at Stuffing Box
Non-corrosive shaft sleeve is heated and shrunk-fit on motor shaft for lifetime fitting.

• UL/FM pumps are furnished with packed gland complete with an external flush line to the lantern ring.

Double Volute Casing
Minimum Shaft Deflection

4″ x 3″, 6″ x 4″ and 6″ x 5″ pumps have a double volute to reduce shaft deflection and prolong seal life.

Minimum Fittings

* 3-1/2″ (89 mm) compound Suction Gauge with isolating valve
* 3-1/2″ (89 mm) Discharge Pressure Gauge with isolating valve
* Casing Relief Valve

Other Fittings and Accessories:

* Concentric Discharge Increaser
* Eccentric Suction Reducer
* Fire Pump Controller
* Automatic Transfer Switch
* Jockey Pump
* Jockey Pump Controller
* Flow Meter
* Test Header, Hose Valves & Ball Drip Valve
* Main Relief Valve with Waste Cone
* Supervisory Valve Switches

Space Saving

* Valuable savings in floor space
* Ideal when space is at a premium
* Fits through a standard door
* Ideal for retrofit installations
* Fits in spaces not normally accessible to other fire pumps
* Alignment problems eliminated

Cost Saving

* Less installation time
* Simplified piping design
* Foundations not required
* Inertia base not required
* Flexible connections not required
* One unit responsibility

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