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  • Box 857, BORÅS, 50115, Sweden


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SP Fire Research – SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a Government owned institute under the Ministry of Industry. SP is the national institute for technical evaluation, research, testing, certification, metrology and calibration and is working closely with large and small companies, universities, institutes of technology and other organizations. SP is the parent company of a group consisting of six subsidiary companies. The Swedish state is the sole shareholder of the company. SP has about 1300 employees and a turnover of approximately 1200 million SEK.

The company’s headquarters is located in Borås, Sweden. SP is Sweden’s largest one stop development and research resource for example for the automotive industry and its subcontractors as well as for the building industry. In addition to technical evaluation and research services, SP offers certification of quality management systems and calibration of measuring equipment. The Fire Research division is one of the largest in the world with vast capabilities including the ability to conduct live fire testing.  Staffed by PHD’s, engineers and industry experts it offers a complete solution for evaluation, testing, risk analysis and innovative technologies and solutions. SP can support fire investigations, by simulating the fire development either theoretically or by doing fire tests. SP can also, with the aid of our knowledge of products, predict fire development where furniture and surface layers on the walls and ceilings have been involved. SP investigates and test the behaviour of materials and products in fires and the results can be used for type approval and certification in Sweden and in other countries. SP also test extinguishants and fire-fighting equipment.

From January 1st  2014 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has purchased 70 percent of the equity of SINTEF NBL – the Norwegian Fire Research Laboratory. The takeover has turned the Swedish and Norwegian fire laboratories into the largest fire research center in Europe.

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